For retreat locations and dates please contact Diane Rohrbach, NTP

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FARE Nutrition Retreat

Join us for a supportive educational retreat as we work together to eliminate the food cravings that drive overeating. During this 5-day workshop, the group will learn how to prepare the healthy foods that support physical and mental wellness. You will also experience various ways to integrate self-care and movement into your life.

This is what you can expect from the retreat:

  • Detox your body for increased energy and mental clarity.
  • Rebalance your brain chemistry with the nutrient-dense foods that get rid of the cravings for sugar and addictive foods.
  • Learn about the nutritional foundations and supplement recommendations that help balance the body and mind.
  • Nurture yourself with “real” whole foods that eliminate unhealthy food cravings and support optimal health and wellness.
  • Learn how to shop and prepare simple balanced meals that encourage weight release and provide key nutrients that heal the body and mind.
  • Interact with your group and enjoy free unstructured time alone for self-growth.
  • Experience emotional healing through creativity, beach walks, rest and relaxation.
  • Take away an individual self-care program that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

What kind of food will be prepared at the retreat?

Breakfast is the only meal that will be replaced with a cleansing nutrient-dense protein drink. Lunch and dinner will be made from beautiful fresh and healthy local foods that the group prepares together. All meals are designed to eliminate food cravings through a balance of protein, fat and healthy carbohydrates. During the retreat, the group will visit a grocery store and learn how to shop for foods that support you when you return to your daily life. Recipes and weekly shopping lists will also be provided.

Is the retreat all work and no play?

Our time together includes a mix of structured and unstructured time. Participants cook and eat their meals together as they learn how to prepare and plan meals that support optimal health. Each morning, the group comes together to practice and discuss how to incorporate self-care into their everyday lives. Throughout the day, there are also opportunities for yoga, dancing and nature walks. The afternoon and evening include time for creative projects, beach walks and relaxation.

Do I need to prepare for the retreat?

No, you don’t need to do a thing. Once you register for the retreat, I will schedule a 30-minute phone session that is a pre-retreat orientation call for you to ask questions and make me aware of any special requirements you may have. Two weeks prior to the retreat, I will email you the retreat schedule details, together with driving directions and suggestions on what to pack for the retreat.

Will I be supported once I return home?

Yes. For two additional weeks, you will receive a 30-minute phone consultation and follow-up emails to help you adjust to your food and self-care program. After your initial cleanse has been completed in the fourth week, we will schedule a one-hour phone consultation. During that call, we will review your nutritional assessment report, personalized food plan and supplement recommendations.

Additionally you are welcome to attend the weekly FARE Nutrition client support phone meeting. I also offer a conference call or chat room for each retreat so that group members can stay in touch and continue to support each other. Optional consultation packages are available if you would like to continue with ongoing nutritional therapy.

What’s included and what’s the cost?

  • The retreat will begin with a welcome dinner on Wednesday evening; check-in begins anytime after 3pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be full days, and the retreat will end on Sunday after lunch. The retreat includes four nights of lodging, all meals, and a number of daily activities.
  • The retreat also includes your cleansing supplements and a nutrient-dense protein drink that will last 3 weeks—continuing to support you after the workshop. This cleansing package is a $250 value.
  • The retreat includes educational materials on topics such as, the science behind addictive foods, emotional hunger and stress eating, foods that naturally cleanse the body, nutritional guidelines and recipes, how to shop for food, self-care program recommendations, and how to nutritionally deal with social situations such as work environments, travel and holidays.

After the retreat, the follow-up will include:

  • A weekly 30-minute phone consultation, for two consecutive weeks, focused on developing an individualized self-care program.
  • A personalized one-hour nutritional assessment report highlighting your nutritional deficiencies and healing supplement recommendations.
  • A personalized food plan and eating guidelines that relieve unhealthy food cravings and address your health issues without counting calories.
  • Optional weekly group support conference calls that help you stay motivated while learning with others on the call how to avoid unhealthy food cravings and addictive foods.

The cost of the 5-Day Retreat is

$1500for single occupancy


$1100per person for double occupancy

A $600 non-refundable deposit is due upon registering.

Private and corporate group retreats available.

“Thank you Diane! The inspiration that came from your workshop helped me to get back on track. I learned a lot about the foods that were causing me to overeat and now I can manage my weight and health much easier.”-Deborah R. Seattle, WA

"Thank you Diane for a wonderful healthy retreat and refocus on health as a core value for me! As a hands-on learner - I especially appreciated the opportunity to learn and help to prepare our delicious meals - such a fun way to build new friendships by cooking in the kitchen together with beautiful fresh food that you purchased from the Pike Place Market. I enjoyed the long walks, morning breakfast smoothies, time to write and focus on personal goals for the new year and all the nutritional knowledge that you shared during our time together. I’;m inspired!"-Cindi S. Seattle, WA

“After a retreat with Diane following the Fare nutrition plan, I always feel and look so much better. It is remarkable how getting rid of sugar can make my mind clearer and sharper and my skin look so much better. I look forward to the next one!”-Pat W. San Francisco, CA

"Where you lead, I will follow. Anyone who is fortunate enough to attend one of your retreats will be treated to the most amazing meals, the most up to date information on food addiction and how to stay healthy, wonderful conversations, and the gift of simply being around you Diane. You are an extraordinary human being and thank you for putting your heart and your soul into these retreats. I have learnt and continue to learn so much from you.”-Anne R. Vancouver, BC

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”Hippocrates “father of medicine” 4th Century BC