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FARE Nutrition
9-week Program

This program is a complete lifestyle recommendation that gives your body the opportunity to heal from addictive foods and become nutritionally balanced. Your personalized program identifies food intolerances, uncovers nutritional deficiencies, and gives you solutions for improving digestion, hydration, blood sugar, and mineral and fatty acid balances. All clients initially go through the nine-week program to create a foundation that supports health and well-being. When this foundation is in place, it is easier to release weight and eliminate physical cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods.

What kind of food plan does FARE Nutrition offer?We begin with a nutritional assessment and then a personal food plan is created for each individual. The food plan is focused on nutrient-dense whole foods and supplemental therapy that will rebalance the brain chemistry, detoxify the body, decrease inflammation, eliminate unhealthy food cravings, and improve the overall function of the body and mind. I recognize and understand that each of my clients is physically unique, and each will have their own challenges with food. Your personal food plan and eating guidelines are based on your nutritional assessment and are specific to your individual health concerns.

What’s included and what’s the cost?

  • A one-hour confidential health history consultation to determine your main health issues
  • An easy 30-minute online nutritional questionnaire
  • A personalized one-hour nutritional assessment and report highlighting your nutritional deficiencies
  • A personalized food plan and eating guidelines that support your bio-individuality, relieve unhealthy food cravings, and address your health issues without counting calories
  • A balanced nutritional program focused on nutrient-dense foods and a supplemental therapy protocol
  • A weekly 30-minute phone consultation, for eight consecutive weeks, focused on developing an individualized healthy living program
  • Weekly phone consultations, which are followed up with nutritional support recommendations outlined in a weekly email
  • Educational handouts that provide you with information about addictive foods, emotional hunger and stress eating, nutritional guidance and recipes, how to shop for food, self-care recommendations, and advice on how to deal with social situations, like work environments and holidays
  • Optional weekly group support conference calls that help you stay motivated while learning with others on the call how to avoid unhealthy food cravings
  • A comparison report at the end of the program to track your progress

The cost of the 9-Week Program is$849

“Through the FARE program, I have learned to listen to my body. I know how to tell if a food works for or against my body. After the first 2 weeks, I no longer focused on what I couldn’t have (which was typical for me in the past), but on what my body needed and could have. My body thanks me on a daily basis.”- Carolyn S. Herron Island, WA

“So far, ten months later, I have released 75 pounds. My fibromyalgia is practically non-existent. My energy has tripled, heartburn is gone and I can wear tennis shoes again because the aches and pains in my feet are gone. I can get out of the house now, I volunteer, go places with family and friends and literally have my life back.“- Kathy R. Phoenix, AZ

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”Hippocrates “father of medicine” 4th Century BC