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Additional Services

Working with each of my clients individually gives me the opportunity to create a personal program that addresses each person’s specific issues.

I recommend to each of my clients that they begin with my basic 9-week program, which provides a foundation for building nutritional healing through the nutritional assessment. Beyond the 9-week program, there are opportunities to work on an individual basis through the following services:

Individual Therapy Sessions

We can build on our previous work together through 30-minute or hourly nutritional therapy phone sessions. I follow each phone session with an email outlining resource materials and specific recommendations for the individual health concerns we discussed during your consultation.

Former clients who would like to update their food plan and supplement protocol may be interested in a one-hour consultation. We begin with a nutritional assessment, and then update your food plan and supplement protocol to address any changes that have occurred since your last assessment.

30-minute phone session: $75.00

One-hour phone session: $125.00

Each additional 30 minutes: $50.00

Personalized Consulting Packages

Clients who have completed the nutritional assessment included in the 9-week program or have attended a FARE Nutrition Retreat may decide to continue with one of my nutritional therapy packages. We start with a nutritional assessment comparison report and work on improving nutritional deficiencies that require individualized nutritional support over a longer period of time.

Packages are available for three, six or nine months. The sessions in each package are tailored to meet your needs and can be scheduled bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly for 30-minute or one-hour time slots. I follow up each session with an email listing resource materials and recommendations that will support your nutritional healing.

Please email me for pricing on these packages.

Grocery Store Shopping Support

Shopping can be a challenge. With so many unhealthy food choices at our grocery stores, it can feel overwhelming. I like to help my clients learn how to spot the false health claims made by deceptive marketing and promotional advertising on product labels. You’ll gain confidence on how to read labels with a new understanding of the ingredients inside and how they affect the body and mind. Together, we shop the store for healthy whole foods that support your nutritional program. Or if you prefer, we can work virtually over the phone in conversation if we’re unable to meet in person. Whether over the phone or in person, each shopping experience is a great way to build your personalized grocery list and address your individual health concerns and lifestyle needs. A one-hour shopping consultation includes handouts specific to your needs, a weekly shopping list, product recommendations and recipe ideas.

In-person, one-hour consultation at Whole Foods in Seattle: $150.00

Phone consultation: $125.00

Each additional half hour: $50.00

Group shopping consultations available upon request.

Create Your Own Healthy Kitchen

Together, we organize your kitchen and build a shopping list, so you have all the proper ingredients and cooking utensils to prepare healthy meals. Learn about safe cookware, cooking utensils and storage containers that make your cooking experience easier. During a one-hour, in-home consultation, we will work toward ridding your kitchen of processed foods and unhealthy ingredients and replacing them with healthy alternatives. Following the in-home kitchen consultation, I will email you a personalized shopping list with product recommendations that support your new “clean and healthy” kitchen.

In-person, one-hour kitchen consultation (greater Seattle area): $150.00

Phone kitchen consultation: $125.00

Each additional half hour: $50.00

Cooking Workshop

This is a fun hands-on experience for individuals or groups who want to have an educational experience that helps them prepare healthy delicious meals. We will cook a lunch or dinner (your choice) in your home using fresh whole foods. During the two-hour workshop, we will discuss how to properly prepare and store foods, add beneficial herbs, spices and healthy oils and how to, find the safest kind of cookware and utensils. Weekly menu ideas, recipes and shopping lists are included.

Two-hour workshop with a meal included for up to four people: $275.00

Larger groups: Add $50.00 per person

Personalized Event Speaking

If you have a social or professional group, I can customize the talk to meet your specific topic or needs. Whether you’re a small networking group, non-profit organization, school or large corporation, we’ll work together to choose a topic(s) that complements your event.

There is a wide range of topics we can address, depending on your group’s needs or desires. Here are a few popular one-hour topics:

• The Five Nutritional Pillars of Health
• The Importance of Detoxification
• How to Eliminate Sugar and Carbohydrate Cravings
• The Truth About Fats
• Improving Memory and Brain Health
• Sugar Addiction in the 21st Century
• Healing Anxiety and Depression Through Nutrition
• How to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes
• Nutrition and Aging

Please email me for more information.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”Hippocrates “father of medicine” 4th Century BC