Hello, my name is Dianeand I work with clients to help them overcome their physical and emotional challenges around food.

My interest in becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner was inspired by over thirty years of yo-yo dieting. I grew up in the 1960s, when our food environment began to change and the marketplace was flooded with industrialized foods. I began to eat sugary breakfast cereals and eventually replaced regular meals with processed and fast foods. I got further away from real whole foods and ended up eating packaged convenience foods most of the time. Eventually, my behavior with these foods led to a weight gain of over 100 pounds. These foods took me down a path filled with anxiety and depression, culminating in obesity and Type II diabetes.

It took the diagnosis of Type II diabetes in my mid-forties to get serious about finding a solution. I began to understand how sugar, flour and processed foods affected my brain chemistry. These foods released serotonin, endorphins and dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitters that make the brain feel relaxed, happy and rewarded. This discovery helped me understand that we can have an addictive biochemical reaction to processed foods, which no amount of willpower can control.

When I finally let go of my addictive foods, many amazing things occurred. I lost all of my excess weight, my depression lifted, I could think clearly, I felt more relaxed, and my diabetes went into full remission. I have better health and more energy now, in my fifties, than ever before. I knew that if I could do this, others could too. With a passion for understanding the scientific evidence underlying food addiction, I know how sugars, flours and processed foods can unbalance the brain chemistry. MRI and PET-scan imaging of the brain show how these foods light up the pleasure pathway in the brain just like cocaine. This was enough to convince me to go back to college and study addiction and nutrition.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I now work with clients throughout the world to overcome their physical and emotional challenges around food. My personal goal is to help people learn what goes on in their bodies when they eat certain foods, and to help them make healthier choices in our modern food environment.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”Hippocrates “father of medicine” 4th Century BC